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For educators

Free learning resources developed to teach B.C. students road safety skills and awareness.

From safely crossing the street, to signaling while riding a bicycle, to paying attention while behind the wheel, road safety is important for all British Columbians. As part of our commitment to promote a safe driving culture in B.C., we've developed this road safety curriculum to help teachers give children and young adults the tools they need to stay safe today and in the future.

Road safety resources for teachers

These free resources were developed to meet the Ministry of Education's curriculum guidelines and incorporate First Peoples' Principles of Learning.

Preschool to grade 3


Learning plans include lessons on traffic and road safety, passenger safety, bus safety and bicycle safety. 

Kindergarten to grade 1

In addition to traffic and road safety, passenger safety, bus safety and bicycle safety, learning plans include lessons on signs and signals.

Grade 2

Learning plans introduce pedestrian safety and reinforce traffic, passenger, bus and bicycle safety.

Grade 3

Learning plans focus on traffic safety, being a good passenger, pedestrian safety and bicycle safety. 

Grade 4 to 6

Grade 4

Lesson plans continue their focus on passenger, pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Grade 5

Lesson plans expand on the foundations of road safety they've already learned. 

Grade 6

Lesson plans continue to build on the importance of passenger, pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Grade 7 to 10

Grade 7

Learning plans focus on the everyday risks associated with being on the road and becoming an ambassador for road safety.

Grade 8

In addition to the risks of being on the road, lesson plans introduce the concepts of risk-taking behaviour, hazard awareness and distractions.

Grade 9

Learning plans require students to take an active role in reducing their own risks as well as those around them.

Grade 10

Learning plans focus on taking steps towards being a responsible driver as students prepare to take the knowledge test and get their Learner's licence.

Other educational resources

​Other educational resources

DVD and CD content

Our original multi-media content is available to order while supplies last. Order road safety resources.

Road safety speakers

Our road safety speakers tell personal, heart-wrenching stories about the consequences of poor choices made behind the wheel. Their messages are powerful and motivate teens to think twice about taking risks on the road. View our road safety speaker profiles.