Road safety

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For educators

Free learning resources developed to teach B.C. students road safety skills and awareness.

We want to help keep youth safe on our roads, but we can't work alone - we need support from communities, parents and  schools.

Road safety resources for teachers

SMART Board teaching resources: K to grade 8

​Smart Board teaching resources: K to grade 8

K to grade 1: Activities for learning road safety

This resource includes fun, interactive, ready-to-use lessons, worksheets, video clips and songs to teach young learners about staying safe as pedestrians and vehicle passengers.

Grades 2/3: More activities for learning road safety

Pedestrian and passenger safety is explored through interactive games and discussions.

Grades 4 to 7: Activities for reinforcing road safety

Teachers can choose discussion topics and other  interactive activities that reinforce road safety skills and are best suited to their geographical area and students’ needs.

Grades 7/8: Smart choices— Safe choices

Student learning is focused on four key areas: the importance of eye contact with drivers, the dangers of using hand-held devices while crossing streets, the need to be a calm passenger and the importance of planning a pedestrian route with safe crossings.

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K to grade 7

​K to grade 7

Developing traffic safety skills is critical to all ages of school children. Our RoadSense Kids resources support cross-curriculum learning on various road safety topics.

K to grade 3 RoadSense Kids: Activities for learning road safety

Students complete a variety of stimulating road safety activities related to staying safe as passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. Package includes:

  • Child passenger safety and booster seat information.
  • Walk ‘n’ ride rhythms CD — features children's musician Will Stroet on Kids CBC performing fun and inspiring road safety songs about booster seats, pedestrian and bike safety.
  • Walk smart, Bike safe DVD and teaching notes.

Grades 4 to 7 RoadSense Kids: Smart choices — Safe choices

Students will practice real-world leadership skills, understand peer support and strategies for dealing with peer pressure. Package includes:

  • Innovative learning applications to walking, biking, distractions and other road safety concerns.
  • Fresh approaches to effectively assess and evaluate student learning.
  • Walk smart, Bike safe DVD and teaching notes.

K to grade 7: Walk smart, Bike safe DVD and teaching notes

Teach the dos and don’ts of pedestrian and bike safety on city and country roads. Video organized according to age group and skill level.

Grades 1 to 7: Bike smarts for children

An instructor’s handbook to help children 7 to 13 learn safe-cycling skills. Download Bike smarts for children.

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Grade 8 to 10

​Grade 8 to 10

Our road safety packages for grades 8 to 10, designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind, relate awareness of road safety to larger issues such as personal and social responsibility, risk assessment or decision-making.

Help teens understand the risks and responsibilities of being a passenger or getting a driver’s licence.

Grade 8 (Health & Career Education)

Using case studies, scenarios and a school walkabout, students explore the hazards and risks and their role in road safety. Package includes:

  • Your Ad Here poster set (while supplies last) and
  • A crash course in common sense DVD.

Grade 9 (Health & Career Education)

Using guided reflection, students consider road-related risk as well as their personal and social impact. Package includes:

  • Your Ad Here poster set (while supplies last) and
  • Street Level DVD

Grade 10 (Planning)

Students analyze individual and societal practices associated with road-related risk reduction and injury prevention (for example, obeying speed limits, wearing seatbelts, and driver education). Package includes:

  • Your Ad Here poster set (while supplies last),
  • "180 video" contest DVDs and teaching resource guide
  • segments from the videos: Final marks and Your life, Your choice.

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Other educational resources

​Other educational resources

180 video contest DVDs and teaching resource guide

A selection of winning road safety videos (suitable for grades 8-12) about the dangers of speeding, distracted driving and impaired driving created by 19–25 year olds from our past "180 video" contests. These DVDs come with a teacher’s guide to prompt class discussions and student interaction.

Check out the winning videos on the ICBC YouTube channel.

Your Ad Here poster set

Your Ad Here was an an ICBC-sponsored road safety contest for high school students across the province. Copies of the winning entries, suitable for grades 8-12, are available while supplies last.

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Road safety speakers

Our road safety speakers tell personal, heart-wrenching stories about the consequences of poor choices made behind the wheel. Their messages are powerful and motivate teens to think twice about taking risks on the road. View our road safety speaker profiles.