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Minimizing risk for commercial drivers

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The financial health of your business and employees lives depend on commercial road safety. Motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of traumatic workplace deaths in B.C., so don't let your business be a statistic.

Why minimizing risks for commercial vehicles matters

As a business, what would happen if one of your employees was seriously injured? As an owner-operator how do you ensure that you are staying safe on the road? If something were to happen, how would it impact your premiums, personal life, and business reputation? The effects of commercial vehicle crashes are both very human and can have a big impact on your business' bottom line. Healthy, safe drivers are engaged employees. Road safety matters because it's essential for the continued success of your business.

Developing your safety policy

Putting together a comprehensive safety program can be a daunting task for any business owner. Thankfully, the Road Safety at Work program has some excellent tool kits for business owners and commercial drivers to get you started.

ICBC also offers a commercial safety policy job aid.

Road safety plan template

The specific needs of your organization will shape what type of road safety plan you create. For tips on what to include, how it might be structured, and additional resources to help you build this essential plan visit the road safety plan template section of Road Safety at Work.

Building safe work procedures

Setting the expectation for safety at work, and ensuring that best practices are shared though understandable instructions stops crashes before they happen. Learn more about building effective road safety work procedures and take a look at a few examples of safe work procedures to help get you started.

Recruiting safe drivers

Looking for tools to help you recruit safer drivers?

Helping employees build or maintain their driving skills

The Justice Institute of B.C.'s driver education centre offers road safety driving courses that allow drivers to build or maintain the skills needed to be a competent commercial driver.

Preventing driver fatigue

As a business owner, managing fatigue in your organization starts with knowing the signs, effects, and hazards so that you can implement practices that minimize fatigue risks and consequences. As a driver, your duty is to conduct work without posing undue risk to yourself, or others. 

Eliminating distracted driving on the job

Mindful steps to prevent distracted driving behavior will reduce the risk of a catastrophic commercial crash. Distractions can kill, so ensure your company is proactively taking steps to prevent distracted driving on the job. Learn more about the risks of distracted driving on

Reducing wildlife collisions

On average, there are 9,900 crashes involving animals each year throughout B.C. For those who drive for work, wildlife collisions are a very real risk. As a driver or supervisor checking road conditions is an important part of the job. To learn more visit the B.C wildlife collision prevention program site, and our job aid for preventing wildlife collisions at work.

Tools for safer winter and reduced visibility driving

Reduced visibility is a recipe for work-related crashes, so winter can be an especially dangerous time for commercial vehicle drivers. The Shift into Winter program offers tangible plans, tools and online courses for employers to reduce the risk for crashes during all seasons.