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Our material damage partners help ICBC customers deal with vehicle damage and repairs. This section is for, but is not limited to, collision repair, glass repair, mechanical, heavy equipment, motor dealers and tow companies.

Providing services in a safe environment is our top priority, so we're making some important changes. Find out how they affect you.

ICBC introduces Basic Vehicle Damage coverage

Basic Vehicle Damage coverage (BVDC) came into effect May 1, 2021. It represents a change in the way a customer's vehicle repair costs are paid for when they are not responsible for a crash. It works like this: If you are driving in B.C. and another driver is responsible for crashing into your vehicle, your own Basic Vehicle Damage coverage covers your repair costs up to the amount you are not responsible.

You likely won't notice any change when you make a vehicle damage claim. You can rest assured knowing that when you're not responsible for a crash, your basic insurance will cover you for up to $200,000 and your insurance premiums won't be impacted. This coverage limit is enough to repair or replace 99% of vehicles in the province.

BVDC highlights for you from May 1, 2021:

  • Most vehicle owners won't notice any change in how their vehicle damages are covered starting May 1.
  • Making a claim under Basic Vehicle Damage coverage won't impact your customer's insurance premiums.
  • ​BVDC limit of $200,000 will cover costs to repair or replace a vehicle, including permanently attached equipment up to the percentage that the customer is not responsible for the crash. If the cost of repairs exceeds $200,000 the remaining cost of vehicle repairs will be covered under the customer's Optional ICBC Collision coverage, if purchased.
  • Please note that out-of-province (OOP) plated vehicles do not carry ICBC Basic insurance. However, OOP insurance companies are required to provide coverage equivalent to BVDC that will pay for loss or damage to the OOP-insured TSMV if it is involved in a crash in B.C. to which BVDC would respond. ICBC continues to recommend that service providers renting or lending TSMVs (BC or OOP) to customers ensure that the customer has Optional collision / comprehensive coverage to cover damages to the vehicle, for their own protection and to avoid potential delays in dealing with claims. 
  • If the customer is partially responsible for a claim, BVDC will provide coverage up to the percentage that the customer is not responsible for the crash.
  • Loss of use will be included in BVDC and will not subject to the $200,000 vehicle damage limit.
  • Reasonable expenses for towing and storage will continue to be covered by ICBC. 
  • Accelerated depreciation is not covered under BVDC or any other coverage provided by ICBC.
  • Depreciation may now apply to all estimates regardless of responsibility for the crash. Please see our depreciation policy. We are in the process of updating the 'items where deprec​iation applies chart' and will make this available to you as soon as possible. In the interim please refer to the current chart.

Basic Vehicle Damage coverage was launched alongside Enhanced Care, which saves most drivers an average of 20% on their ICBC basic and optional auto insurance, while ensuring access to better care and recovery benefits for people injured in crashes.​

For more information on Enhanced Care and BVDC, review our Frequently asked questions​.

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