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ICBC's supplier system is a payment system that allows vendors to direct bill and provides convenience for customers, the supplier and the corporation. 

All ICBC suppliers agree to comply with the requirements outlined in the ICBC Claims Procedures for Material Damage (MD) partners, and applicable procedures and instructions pub​lished on the ICBC Business Partners Page. Facilities who are interested in becoming ICBC suppliers must be able to demonstrate compliance with these procedures. The Claims Procedures details all supplier requirements, direct payment conditions, responsibilities of the supplier and the conditions under which a supplier number may be withdrawn.

Before applying for an ICBC supplier account number or to one of our programs please refer to our Material Damage Claims Procedures​​ unde​r Supplier Requirements.

Vendor application process (includes change to address, legal and "doing business as" name)

All MD applicants, including upholstery, sound equipment, and detailing facilities must provide the following:

  • CL174 - Material Damage Vendor Number - Trade Application (all owners must sign)
  • CL174M - Vendor programs privacy checklist
  • ACG364 - Authorization for direct deposit if not currently on direct deposit or if there is a change in banking information (must be returned with a copy of a void cheque)
  • $85 + GST ($89.25) application fee (only applies to new applications, ownership changes or legal name changes)
  • Copy of Central Securities Register showing breakdown of voting shares (for incorporated companies only), may be requested
  • Copy of Current Business Licence - with correct business types listed, correct operating name and facility address.  If outside city limits, a business licence not required letter from Regional District stating that your business is permitted to store damaged vehicles (if they are a tow company) & land is zoned correctly for your business type
  • Copy of Current Garage Policy with correct Legal and dba name (if applicable), and mailing, facility/office address and storage location if different
  • Commercial General Liability Policy (this is part of the building insurance) showing minimum coverage of $2,000,000 per occurrence, minimum $5,000,000 general aggregate (max paid in a policy period) and names ICBC as an additional insured - include page with name & address & page with coverage amounts, must list facility and office address if different
  • Digital photos of the following:
    • Exterior signage consistent with operating name
    • Customer parking
    • Customer entrance and reception area
    • Customer accessible washroom
    • Work area
    • Tools & equipment​ 

Please note: In most cases of a legal name change a new facility and account number will be assigned.

The following suppliers must also provide additional documentation:

Please note: Additional paperwork may be requested at time of application.

Documentation can be sent to ICBC by:


Supplier Programs & Administration

550 3777 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H 3Z7

Fax: 604-777-4624


If you have any questions, please contact Supplier Programs & Administration at 604-777-4513, toll-free 1-877-921-3311 or by email


The accurate completion of the repair estimate and the provision of safe, proper repairs are the foundation of the supplier number system. The onus is on the supplier to ensure that the invoice submitted is an accurate account of the work completed. If ICBC cannot trust the accuracy of the invoices submitted or the quality of the work performed, ICBC will not allow the supplier to continue to be part of the direct billing system.

ICBC reserves the right to immediately withdraw a supplier account number if the supplier fails to meet or maintain the minimum supplier requirements.​