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Are you a physician treating a patient with injuries sustained in a car crash? Here are a few things you should know.​​​

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New Physician fees now in effect​

  • Physician conference fee increased to $64.14 for 15 minutes effective August 1
  • Scarring measurement report fee of $64.14 per report effective September 27
  • Range of motion loss report fee of $128.28 per report effective September 27

The ​​​​Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation (schedule 3.1) and Enhanced Accident Benefits Regulation outlines legislated fee limits for specific services and reports by family physicians who are treating patients injured in a motor vehicle accident. These fees apply to patient visits in which an assessment occurs and a medical report is completed by the physician. For more information, refer to the Fee Guide on Doctors of BC fee guide​.

The tables below outline the type of visits that may occur, which medical reports should be completed and the fee that ICBC will pay upon receipt of the report.

Medical r​eport fees

​Family Physician Standard Medical Report*
​Patient's injuries do not result in missed work or school or in significant impairment of activities of daily living.
​Assessment and report
(Code A94564)
​Family Physician Extended Medical Report*
Patient's injures result in missed or modified work or school or in significant impairment in activities of daily living.
Assessment and report
(Code A94565)
​Family Physician Reassessment Medical Report
​Patient's injuries not recovering as expected and an updated care plan or change in diagnosis is required.
Provided proactively or upon request by ICBC. Not required at regular intervals or with every follow-up visit.
​Reassessment and report
(Code A94566)
​​Physician Specialized Services Report
Only for Specialist Physicians, including sports medicine (with a family physician referral).
Only for patients whose accident occurred​​ on May 1, 2021 or later.
​Report only
(Code A94573)

*A family physician completes either an FP Standard or FP Extended Medical Report after the initial assessment, not both.​ A report is required for each new claim.

Other fees

​Physician conference fee**
​​Communication (written or verbal) between most responsible provider (MRP) and ICBC or other treatment providers.
​$64.14 for 15 minutes (or portion thereof) to a daily maximum of 45 minutes per claim
(Code A94569)
​Scarring measurement report
Patient's injuries result in a permanent scar. Completed only upon request by ICBC.
​$64.14 per report
(Code A94575)

Range of motion loss report
​​Patient's injuries result in permanent range of motion loss for a specific joint or area of the body. Completed only upon request by ICBC.
$128.28 per report
(Code A94577)

**The physician conference fee is not for arranging expedited consults or diagnostic investigations, or conveying the results of ​diagnostic investigations.

Invoicing and reporting

When a patient attends an appointment for the purpose of completing a medical report to send to ICBC, the report itself serves as both the medical record and invoice. The medical report includes space for an invoice number.

Note: If submitting a scarring measurement or range of motion loss report, a separate invoice is required. 

Reports should be submitted to ICBC no later than 4-6 weeks from the date of assessment.

All invoices and reports must include​:

  • ​​​ICBC claim number
  • Date of accident
  • Payee name
  • Payee address
  • Patient name​​

ICBC can not process payment if any of the above information is missing.

Note that ​ICBC does not prepay for reports and does not pay for visits occurring after a claim closes or for missed or cancelled appointments.

​Invoices and reports should be submitted to ICBC via fax (1-877-686-4222) or mail:

V6B 0L6

Medical Services Plan

Patient follow-up visits with no medical reports and consultations for the Physician Specialized Services Report ​should be billed through Teleplan using the standard MSP visit codes with ICBC selected as the insurer.​​​

Report templates

Reports are al​so available on the Forms Repository in Pathways.

Electronic Medical R​ecord (EMR)

ICBC has integrated family physician medical report templates into several common EMR solutions. Please ensure you are following the required steps of your respective EMR solution.

If your EMR solution does not house the report and your EMR provider has not integrated the reports into their software, you can download it and send it to ICBC by fax or mail.

Treatment guidelines

Physicians are expected to assess patients and determine the recommended care plan in accordance with the College of Physicians and Surgeons practice standards, using evidence-informed practice when e​​stablishing a diagnosis and providing treatments.

Refer to the Minor Injury Regulation made under the ​Insurance (Vehicle) Act when treating a patient with an injury listed in sections 3 or 4 in ​the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols.

Obtaining patient consent

It is important to discuss with your patient the purpose of the reports. Please ensure reports or information are shared with ICBC only where patient consent has been granted or where requested under legislation.

The CL489 series of medical reports may be requested by ICBC under Section 28/28.1 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act.​

When a patient has not granted consent to share a CL489 report with ICBC, the physician must alert ICBC via the Health Care Inquiry Unit (HCIU). ICBC will send the Health Care Provider Report Request Letter (CL491) to the health care provider outlining applicable legislation that permits ICBC to obtain the report.​

Vendor number

When billing directly to ICBC, the ICBC vendor number identifies the clinic or practitioner that ICBC pays. This number also allows for you to receive one combined payment for all submitted services, along with a statement listing all paid reports or invoices included. ICBC can issue payments directly to your account via electronic fund transfer (EFT).

If you are a physician already providing services to ICBC patients and wish to be paid directly for reports and other non-MSP services, your vendor number can be found on any recent cheque or EFT statement that you received from ICBC. The ​Health Care Inquiry Unit​ can confirm the ICBC vendor number that matches your MSP record. This is an ICBC-specific account number that is automatically generated the first time an office visit is billed via MSP-Teleplan.

If you are a physician employed by an entity that already invoices ICBC, and you do not want to be paid directly for reports and other non-MSP services, you do not need to apply for a vendor number.

Applying for or updating a vendor number

If you are a clinic that employs physicians and other treatment providers who see ICBC patients, please review the vendor number application requirements before applying.

​​If you are new to working with ICBC patients or a clinic that only employs physicians and no other treatment providers (e.g. physiotherapist, chiropractor, counsellor) that see ICBC patients, you can apply for a vendor number.

​​Apply for a vendor number

To update payment information for services that are invoiced via MSP-Teleplan, you must contact MSP-Teleplan​ directly. ICBC does not maintain payment details for items invoiced through MSP-Teleplan.​​

​Professional development

ICBC has partnered with UBC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to support furthering education for primary care providers. The following online modules are free and provide credits upon completion: