Your other insurance and benefit providers

If you have been injured in a crash and have coverage from another provider (for example, extended health care from your employer or individually purchased disability insurance), your other insurance will be the primary payer for most medical expenses and/or income replacement.

ICBC and your other insurance providers

No matter who is responsible, if you've been injured in a crash, you have access to early access treatments. Whether or not you have other insurance, healthcare providers for these treatments can bill ICBC directly.

For all other medical expenses and/or income replacement benefits, you must first submit expenses to your other insurance provider(s) who will provide primary coverage. ICBC may then cover, through Enhanced Accident Benefits, amounts over and above what is first covered by your other providers. Your claim representative will confirm the availability of the benefit based on information provided from your healthcare providers.

​You may be asked to provide a benefit statement from your other insurance provider to ensure your benefits are calculated accurately.​ 

ICBC will not reimburse other providers for payments for income replacement, medical costs, or user fees for treatment.​

If your crash happened on the job

If you were working at the time of the crash and were injured, your injury claim should be reported to WorkSafeBC. You'll find the information you need to report your injury on the WorkSafeBC website.