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Appeal a denied claim

Has your claim been denied? If you don't agree with your adjuster's decision to deny your claim, you may appeal the decision.

Steps to appeal a denied claim

1. Talk to your adjuster

Your adjuster may not be aware of information that could affect your claim.

2. Talk to your adjuster's manager

If you're still not satisfied after talking to your adjuster, ask to speak to the manager. A manager can review the details of your denied claim and discuss any recourse available to you.

3. Dispute through the courts

If ICBC is unable to address your concerns, your next step is to dispute through the courts or through the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT), an online dispute resolution service that encourages a quick and affordable approach outside the traditional courtroom model. 

In court cases, small claims court or Supreme Court has the final say. It could take as long as two years or more before your case goes to court. Similarly, a Tribunal member has final say in CRT cases. However, you have the option to appeal in all levels of proceedings.