Autoplan insurance

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Cancel your insurance

Our most important tip if you need to cancel your Autoplan policy is to treat your licence plates like cash—they're linked directly to your insurance.

How to cancel your insurance

To cancel your insurance, you’ll need to visit your Autoplan broker with:

The sooner you cancel your licence plates and insurance, the more you may get back if you're eligible for a refund. A cancellation fee may apply.

Refund amounts

The refund amount depends on:

  • the time remaining on the policy term
  • any outstanding debt, and
  • any non-refundable fees (for example, transfer of ownership fees, new licence plate fee or payment plan enrolment fee).

Payment plan customers

If you're on a payment plan, try to cancel at least one day before your payment is due. Depending on your situation, there

may be an additional withdrawal from your account to cover any missed payments or non-refundable fees.  Your Autoplan broker can answer any questions you have about your cancellation.